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Episode 019: Tina’s Mime Murderer Valentine.

Episode 19

A Christian mime, a porn star, and a bloody murder scene – Tina’s real life true crime story.  Wait, did we say ‘mime’?  Yes.  We did.  Today’s Sucky to Sassy caller is Kelley Wolfe.  She went from corporate hell to a life of serenity with life coaching and photography (including some ah-mazing wild horses!)  Check…

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Episode 017: We’d Rather Be Constipated.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 12.51.46 PM

We’ve all had our embarrassing moments.  Some more so than others.  Tina gives new meaning to Baby Got Back, and Jen is thrown into the theatrical spotlight with nothing but a Peter Pan costume and a brain swimming with rhymes.  Boy, we could really use an ex-lax right now.  Today’s caller is Juliet from Atlanta. …

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Episode 16: Father Knows Best


HHHEEERRREEE comes Cute Thing!!!  Yes, Tina & Jen’s father makes his official debut!  He talks about his years as a school principal which includes a story about “the boy in the box” and a parent who used the alias “Elvira”. He also talks about when Tina & Jen were young and their rambunctious antics (okay,…

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