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Episode 010: The Original Hooter’s Girl


Tina may have hula hooped her way through Hooters back in the 90’s, but she was no push over.  Have you ever been confronted in the parking lot by your wait staff?  No?  That’s strange.  And Jen has had some nutty experiences working at Perkins with her bestie, Aileen, in her high school days.  Bar…

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Episode 008: In Sync.

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 12.09.03 PM

Jen and Tina are clearly more than just sisters.  They are the real-life Wonder Twins.  Activate!  Shape of:  an eyeball. They’ve had some strange synchronicities throughout their sisterhood, and no one can stop the magic between them.  Not even Mr. Morris or Mrs. Jaco, TRA LA LA LA LA!  Today’s caller is Christy from St.…

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Episode 007: Leaving Las Vegas. For Good.


Tina and Jen have nothing for Vegas, so they’re packing up their coffee pot and gettin’ outta there.  BUT, it wasn’t a total loss.  The lip synching phenomenon, Britney, and the sisters’ lumberjack seatmate really saved the day, jazz hands and all.  And honorable mention goes to Tina’s new Facebook friend, the paranormal mind reader. …

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