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Episode 15: Welcome to the “No Sneeze Zone”


Pet peeve:  Something that is a bit annoying to some people but is very annoying or upsetting to others.  We all have them, right?  Take sneezing, for example.   A sneeze can produce 40,000 droplets and travel 5 miles.  And if you sneeze around Jen & Tina, you may just get a Runza to the face. …

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Episode 014: The Iowa (Not-So) Farm Girls

IMG_2452 copy

Embarrassingly, Jen & Tina literally know nothing about farming even though they grew up in Iowa.  Or is it Idaho?  Or Ohio?    Doesn’t matter.  They’re all the same, right? What they don’t know about growing veggies, however, they sure make up in uncanny wisdom about suicidal mules, headless bats, and Amish thieves.  AND, they know…

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Episode 013: Pretty, Witty, and Gay

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What do you get when you cross one pregnant sister (Tina) with another sister who just came out of the closet (Jen)?  An accidental marriage between Jen and Tina’s baby daddy.   No, this isn’t the latest episode of Teen Mom.  It’s Jen and Tina’s real life experience.  Luckily, they see all of this through rose…

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Episode 012: The Popcorn Ball Incident


Christmas is the happiest time of the year.  Unless, of course, Santa doesn’t love you anymore.  But, there’s never a shortage of gifts since Tina knows her way around a phone book and a department store customer service.  Who needs Santa, anyway, when you have Larry as your Dad?  Today’s caller is Kaitlyn from Rochester,…

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