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Let's face it.  Everyone's life sometimes just sucks.  Our lives are no exception!  Our mission in this podcast is simple:  We want to take your life from SUCKY to SASSY!  And how are we going to do that?  We are on a personal mission to approach life without FEAR.  In other words, we want to live our lives FEARLESSLY.  We are far from this point, so we want you to join us on this journey from SUCK to SASS!  So let's sit back, have some dang laughs, and start enjoying this life!!!  Thanks so much for joining us!!!!

~Jen and Tina (soul sisters and real-life sisters)

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"I love Jen and Tina!  Sassychat just cracks me up when I'm having a crappy day.  Can't wait to hear more!!"

Minneapolis, MN

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Well, here we are, in the flesh.  Tina on the left, Jen on the right.  If you'd like to know more about each of us, just click below!  Happy listening, Friends!